Monday, October 15, 2007

My sister takes some beautiful pics and I couldn't help but post this one too. I will have lots of fun scrapbooking these ones!

Holiday in Vermont

We are so blessed to be able to be here in Vermont enjoying the beautiful colours at their peak this year!!

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Fall Hike

Kirsty and I had a wonderful hike this fall with the nice weather. We stopped to take some pics and munch some snacks...and NO!, Kirsty is not trying to stick a dried apricot in my ear!!

Kirsty and some Stamping Art

I made this framed art for Kirsty from the April 2007 Stampin' Success Magazine. I love the way it turned out. It was fun to do and I wish I had more time to do this sort of thing. I have almost finished getting my stamp and craft room better organized so that I can be more productive in the little time that I do have.

Angus' new Football season

Angus is #53, even at 16 yrs. old he is one of the tallest guys on the Senior Football team. He is playing wide receiver this year. He managed to take down this guy with the ball and ooowwch!, where did the knee pads get to? He is ultra busy now that he has started a job at Walmart. Some days he barely stops from the time he gets up before 7am, goes to school, then football, then work until late in the evening plus homework too. Thankfully it is not every day!


Alida at 14 mnths.

I really enjoyed going to the Stampin' Up! convention in Hamilton but one of the best highlights was getting to have a visit with David and Rachel and the kids. They are growing up so fast. Alida has these gorgeous blue eyes and beautiful curls. She is such a darling little girl! Noah was moving so fast that it was hard to get a good clear picture of him. If only we could harness that energy! He has such a sweet spirit about him as he constantly struggles to contain himself. I will post a pic of him too with his first BIG tooth!

Catch'in up!!

I have a bunch of pics to share today. To start with, here is Erin's card again, but I decided to spruce it up a bit with some paper piercing in the corners (using the grid template from SU's crafter's tool kit) and to make the nice curve behind the butterfly I just used the holes on one of the swirls on the SU "Priceless" brass embossing template. I had wracked my brain where I had seen a dotted swirl and it finally occurred to me it was on the co-ordinating brass was sooo easy!! I liked the end result so much I ended up using this final design for my swaps at the Stampin' Up! Hamilton convention.